Public Relations. Social Media. PR Showroom.

Media Playground PR (MPPR) is a Los Angeles based public relations firm specializing in fashion and lifestyle brands since 2003. We craft integrated media strategies, connecting public relations and social media with brand directives to maximize your brand's global exposure.

With a combined 30 years of experience, MPPR follows a systematic outreach protocol combined with the nourished relationships of Co-Founders Kimberly Goodnight, previously of PUREconsulting, and Eric Martin of The Park Showroom. The collaboration fosters a progressive and strategic culture continually pushing for new platforms and mediums to maximize brand recognition. 

Media Relations Social Media
Celebrity Seeding Fashion Showroom
Strategic Partnerships Tradeshows and Event Management
Filming and Private Event Space Wholesale Showroom

MPPR's mission is to provide “service by the pound”—just the right amount needed by each client with a price tag optimal for any business model. Each relationship is customized to provide the necessary elements to maximize your brand's full potential.